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2018-04-21  ⤵

‘The origins of opera and the future of programming’ — ‘This is a symmathesy. “Sym” = together, “mathesy” = learning. We work and grow in a symmathesy. This growth results in great people.’ twitter.com/jessitron

2018-04-17  ⤵

“simple, explicit, not-very-DRY, pattern-empty code”, I like that https://twitter.com/davetron5000/status/984886909410463746

2018-04-16  ⤵

4 unbefristete Vollzeitstellen (TVL 13, 14) im Bereich Digital Humanities an der Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Münster https://twitter.com/WWU_Muenster/status/984451586670977024

2018-04-15  ⤵

SWIB18 call for proposals — “an event where IT staff, developers, librarians, and researchers from all over the world meet and mingle and learn from each other” twitter.com/swibcon

2018-04-15  ⤵

lobid-gnd inzwischen mit erweiterten Ergebnislisten http://lobid.org/gnd/search?q=saturn und EntityFacts-Integration für Links und Bilder http://lobid.org/gnd/4179170-8 https://twitter.com/lobidOrg

2018-04-12  ⤵

Folien zur Einführung in JSON-LD, und warum es das bessere RDF ist twitter.com/zuphilip

2018-04-09  ⤵

“The Journal of Open Source Software — A developer friendly journal for research software packages.” joss.theoj.org talkpython.fm

2018-04-09  ⤵

“gron transforms JSON into discrete assignments to make it easier to grep for what you want and see the absolute ‘path’ to it. […] gron can work backwards too, enabling you to turn your filtered data back into JSON” github.com

2018-03-30  ⤵

RSS “gives you a more transparent and controllable way to connect to the information you need” www.wired.com

2018-03-30  ⤵

“Der Rechner kann nicht nur riesige Datenmengen schnell verarbeiten – sein Mangel an Intuition, gepaart mit strikter Logik, hat auch eine heilsame Wirkung. Er decke Mängel in den Daten auf und zwinge dazu, methodische Vorannahmen offenzulegen, meint List.” faz.net

2018-03-29  ⤵

Das Deutsche Institut für Medizinische Dokumentation und Information (DIMDI) in Köln sucht eine Softwarearchitektin / einen Softwarearchitekten im Bereich Java und Eclipse RCP (bis E14 TVöD) www.dimdi.de

2018-03-26  ⤵

“Es sind Orte, in denen normale oder recht gute Gehälter und Renten längst nicht mehr für das genügen, was einmal selbstverständlich war: im eigenen Freundeskreis, in der eigenen Nachbarschaft oder Kirchengemeinde alt zu werden.” www.zeit.de

2018-03-24  ⤵

“With all the talk recently about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, it’s timely to write about open web technologies.” www.hughrundle.net

2018-03-23  ⤵

“the myth that you have to self-host […] to be part of the IndieWeb. Owning your content isn’t about portable software. It’s about portable URLs and data. It’s about domain names.” www.manton.org — how that worked for me fsteeg.com

2018-03-23  ⤵

“We are now about six months into the process of migrating Java EE to the Eclipse Foundation, and I think we’re all learning a lot as we go.” mmilinkov.wordpress.com

2018-03-23  ⤵

“Abgleich von GND-Einträgen mit Wikidata” twitter.com/nichtich

2018-03-22  ⤵

With links to our beta service to access the integrated authority file GND twitter.com/lobidorg

2018-03-22  ⤵

“Wir haben das Parteiprogramm geschrieben, Forschung und Analysen gemacht. Wir schrieben alle Reden und haben die ganze Sache inszeniert.” www.nzz.ch

2018-03-20  ⤵

“Dividing frontend from backend is an antipattern” www.thoughtworks.com

2018-03-18  ⤵

2 Softwareentwickler/innen, 1 Systemadministrator/in, 1 Sachbearbeiter/in twitter.com/hbz_NRW

2018-03-17  ⤵

“Das geht so nicht! Die Wissenschaft muss sich unbedingt auf Permalinks (= Zitierlinks) verlassen können.” log.netbib.de

2018-03-16  ⤵

“Recommendations on the development, use and provision of Research Software” zenodo.org

2018-03-14  ⤵

“So far, there has been no real alternative to Oracle’s Java HotSpot VM on Windows. With Eclipse OpenJ9, which emerged from open-sourcing IBM’s J9 VM, there is now” dzone.com

2018-03-12  ⤵

“Google Summer of Code (GSoC) gives students from around the globe an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of open source software development while working from home” opensource.googleblog.com

2018-03-11  ⤵

“Das neue Innen- und Heimatministerium in ihrer Hand ist so ziemlich die beste Idee, die bei den Koalitionsgesprächen herausgekommen ist für den Umgang mit der AfD. Wer im Osten gewinnen will, muss Konservativismus, Heimat und Strukturförderung verbunden bekommen.” www.zeit.de

2018-03-11  ⤵

‘Road to hell paved with good intentions’ works both ways here twitter.com/moananddrone

2018-03-11  ⤵

JavaFX and WebStart not in JDK 11, Swing and AWT out after JDK 11 twitter.com/DonaldOJDK

2018-03-11  ⤵

“notice how you judge colleagues who are working less hard than you — they may have discovered something you need to learn.” twitter.com/little_wow

2018-03-10  ⤵

“the deep-neural-network software fueling the excitement has a troubling weakness: Making subtle changes to images, text, or audio can fool these systems into perceiving things that aren’t there.” languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu

2018-03-04  ⤵

“Libraries can become leaders in the next generation of publishing technology and funding models. Sometimes, being smarter is just recognizing the power you have that you aren’t yet using.” twitter.com/WikiLibrary

2018-02-28  ⤵

“librarianship is composed of a multitude of professions, activities, jobs, and perspectives that while not necessarily antagonistic, at least do not share a goal or an understanding of the business and role of the library or librarianship” spopowich.ca

2018-02-24  ⤵

“Ein Aufruf zum Arbeitskampf klingt weniger prickelnd als die Forderung, jedermanns sexuelle Vorstellungen einer Prüfung zu unterziehen. Trotzdem ist dieser Aufruf am Ende das eigentliche Ereignis” www.zeit.de

2018-02-22  ⤵

“Why we started OpenSCHUFA and why you should care about credit scoring” blog.core.okfn.org

2018-02-20  ⤵

“nicht Automatisierung bestimmt das Verhältnis von Mensch und Maschine. Sondern die politischen und gesellschaftlichen Entscheidungen, wie diese Technik eingesetzt wird” www.zeit.de

2018-02-17  ⤵

Love the reactions of the Eclipse community and the original author in the comments — Eclipse vs. IntelliJ, an empirical rant

2018-02-13  ⤵

“The first data format that anyone could pack anything up into, send across the network to anywhere, and unpack on the other end, without asking anyone’s permission or paying for software” XML is 20

2018-02-13  ⤵

“The Software Preservation Library — Reports, writings and presentations related to the preservation of software.” archive.org

2018-02-08  ⤵

‘Der Rat [der Stadt Köln] empfiehlt der Verwaltung als Bestandteil des Dezernates VIII ein neues Amt für „Fuß- und Radverkehr“ einzurichten’ www.dieguten.koeln

2018-02-08  ⤵

“The Eclipse Committer Election Workflow” waynebeaton.wordpress.com

2018-02-04  ⤵

Think Uber for text: HyperText twitter.com/codepo8

2018-01-30  ⤵

“Linked Data type people and Indieweb type people have, for whatever reason, historically been at each others’ throats despite (or perhaps because of) the enormous similarity between the kind of work that they’re doing” twitter.com/dustyweb

2018-01-30  ⤵

“Die Mitarbeiter/innen des CCeH, des frisch gegründeten Instituts für Digital Humanities, des Data Center for the Humanities […] der Universität zu Köln geben ihr Bestes, um diese [DHd] Konferenz zu einer erinnernswerten Veranstaltung zu machen.” cceh.uni-koeln.de

2018-01-29  ⤵

“Commit co-authors makes it easy to see who has contributed to every commit, regardless of how many contributors there are—and every author gets attribution in the pull request and in their contribution graph.” github.com

2018-01-28  ⤵

W3C Recommendation: ActivityPub, “a decentralized social networking protocol […]. It provides a client-to-server API for creating, updating and deleting content, as well as a federated server-to-server API for delivering notifications and content.” www.w3.org

2018-01-22  ⤵

“REMINDER: RSS is still a thing” twitter.com/dkaszor

2018-01-19  ⤵

New year’s books, office edition 📚


2018-01-16  ⤵

Eclipse’s formatter off/on tags ftw!


2018-01-16  ⤵

“Nachhaltigkeit in der [wissenschaftlichen] Softwareentwicklung sollte […] durch klare und längerfristige Karriereperspektiven für Entwicklerinnen und Entwickler gefördert werden.” twitter.com

2018-01-15  ⤵

“Oracle transferred ownership of these project names to the Eclipse Foundation so that they can be held and protected for the community.” mmilinkov.wordpress.com

2018-01-15  ⤵

“My mental model of the Web is as a permanent, long-lived store of humanity’s intellectual heritage. For this to be useful, it needs to be indexed, just like a library. Google apparently doesn’t share that view.” www.tbray.org

2018-01-13  ⤵

New year’s books, home edition 📚


2018-01-13  ⤵

“The Ministry of Culture and Science of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia has approved funding for a state-wide graduate institute on ‘Digital Societies’” twitter.com

2018-01-13  ⤵

“Da wo ich einen Wert habe, wo ich mich einbringen kann und wohlfühle, ist Heimat.” www.sueddeutsche.de

2018-01-12  ⤵

“If [a decentralized Web does achieve mass participation], someone will have figured out how to leverage antitrust to enable it.” — It Isn’t About The Technology blog.dshr.org

2018-01-12  ⤵

“With Metafacture 5 the migration from a monolithic library to smaller domain-specific libraries [for processing semi-structured data with a focus on library metadata] is completed.” github.com

2018-01-09  ⤵

Anmeldung zur DHd-Konferenz 2018 in Köln — Die 5. Tagung „Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum“ cceh.uni-koeln.de

2018-01-09  ⤵

“Just include 📚 with your microblog text about a book you’re reading or related topic, and your post will automatically be collected on http://micro.blog/discover/bookswww.manton.org

2018-01-07  ⤵

“But I don’t know how to make a video games???” — “here are some things that are relatively quick and easy to get into and also don’t require a lot of art investment” GAMES MADE QUICK??? 2.0 - itch.io

2018-01-05  ⤵

“Chinesisches Bibliotheksgesetz für Öffentliche Bibliotheken” log.netbib.de

2018-01-05  ⤵

“So the CPU continues to execute ‘speculatively’. […] If it is right, it has saved a lot of time. If it is wrong the processor state accumulated during the speculative execution has to be hidden from the real program.” blog.dshr.org

2018-01-05  ⤵

“Sanic is a Flask-like Python 3.5+ web server that’s written to go fast. […] Sanic supports async request handlers.” github.com

2018-01-04  ⤵

“Twitter followers, podcast download stats, blog post views, the scale, whatever. Life isn’t a video game. Happiness doesn’t have a numerical value attached to it.” www.manton.org

2018-01-04  ⤵

“We are seeking open source projects and organizations to participate in the 14th annual Google Summer of Code (GSoC).” opensource.googleblog.com

2018-01-04  ⤵

“Es ist bezeichnend für die heutige Bedeutung der sozialen Netzwerke, dass viele Leute offenbar nicht mehr den Unterschied erkennen zwischen einem profitorientierten Onlineportal und dem öffentlichen Raum.” www.zeit.de

2017-12-30  Java annotation processing in Eclipse eclipse programming

2017-12-22  ⤵ 🖇

“The issue isn’t that Twitter doesn’t care. It’s instead a fundamental design flaw in the platform. Because tweets don’t exist outside of Twitter, when you’re banned, you’re done.” www.manton.org

2017-12-22  ⤵

Totally in love with this tune soundcloud.com

2017-12-22  ⤵

Citizen Science Projekt der Open Knowledge Foundation zur Feinstaubmessung, mit Anleitung zum Sensorbau und Kartenvisualisierung luftdaten.info

2017-12-19  ⤵

“we see a thriving software industry that largely ignores research, and a research community that writes papers rather than software” doc.cat-v.org

2017-12-19  ⤵

“Diesen finanziellen Aufwand bringen Bibliotheken auf und verwandeln so das private Gut der Urheber von Erkenntnissen in ein öffentliches Gut, das allgemein zugänglich ist.” deutschlandfunk.de

2017-12-01  ⤵

“Flexible, kürzere, aber vollzeitnahe Arbeitszeiten sind gefragt, sowohl von Frauen als auch von Männern.” www.zeit.de

2017-12-01  ⤵

The Eclipse SDK is switching major releases from yearly to every 3 months dev.eclipse.org

2017-11-29  ⤵

Posted to the lobid blog: “Using the Java API for scripting in Elasticsearch 5.6” blog.lobid.org

2017-11-23  ⤵

‘der Westfälische Frieden[, fast 150 Jahre gültige Verfassung, basierte] auf einem Prinzip, das undenkbar geworden ist: Die Parteien sicherten einander “Amnestie” und “immerwährendes Vergessen” zu.’ www.zeit.de

2017-11-19  ⤵

“Virtuelle Deutsche Landesbibliographie (VDL)” log.netbib.de

2017-11-17  ⤵

Giving the German keyboard layout a serious try


2017-11-16  ⤵

Products Over Projects: “Software projects […] organize work into temporary teams and are funded with specific benefits projected in a business case. Product-mode instead uses durable teams working on a persistent business issue.” martinfowler.com

2017-11-15  ⤵

“Introducing Teletype for Atom: Code collaboratively in real time” github.com

2017-11-15  ⤵

“In short, we need a new name to replace ‘Java EE’.” https://github.com/eclipse-ee4j/ee4j/issues/1

2017-11-15  ⤵

The new Firefox: “Twice as fast, and still committed to putting people over profit. We are fighting for a healthy internet […] accessible and open to all.” blog.mozilla.org

2017-11-13  ⤵

“This Is What a Librarian Looks Like” www.slate.com


2017-11-13  ⤵

“add structure[d schema.org] data to your pages because during indexing, [search engines] will be able to better understand what your site is about” dataliberate.com

2017-11-12  Micropub, IndieAuth, and posting to my own site with Micro.blog web programming

2017-11-11  ⤵

“Since Oxygen.1a, the Eclipse IDE runs out of the box with Java 9 & supports development for Java 9 as well as testing with JUnit 5” eclipsehowl.wordpress.com

2017-10-31  ⤵

Now that Apple is big in ML & AI tech, maybe they‘ll find some way to give playlists with a single album a meaningful name, automatically 😳

2017-10-28  ⤵

Not quite frustration free actually


2017-10-28  ⤵

“Bibliotheken sind exklusiv berechtigt, die ausgelesenen Daten dauerhaft zu speichern” — Forscher müssen sie nach Projektabschluss löschen.

2017-10-28  ⤵

“Wissenschaftler erhalten künftig das Recht, Datenbanken, Zeitschriften … auch übergreifend automatisiert auszulesen, zu speichern & auszuwerten”

2017-10-27  ⤵

Great way to find HTML icons 🔎 amp-what — a quick, interactive reference of 14,500 HTML character entities and common Unicode characters”

2017-10-27  ⤵

1/4 there, I guess


2017-10-27  ⤵ 🖇

Been learning about Micropub and IndieAuth while setting up my Micro.blog. Posting with 3rd party client to my own site, without having to handle auth myself. Cool stuff! ✨

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2013-04-28  Metadata processing with Metafacture and Eclipse programming eclipse metadata xtext dsl

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2010-08-30  Scala, object persistence, and the original NoSQL: XML programming eclipse java xml scala

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2010-03-19  Google Summer of Code 2010 at Eclipse eclipse programming soc

2010-03-14  Generating documentation from a wiki with Ant and Mylyn WikiText authoring programming eclipse soc zest

2010-02-07  Diagrams in wiki markup with Mylyn WikiText, DOT, and Zest eclipse graphviz soc zest

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2009-12-30  Zest for DOT literacy in the Eclipse Javadoc view graphviz programming eclipse soc zest

2009-08-17  Graphviz DOT for Eclipse Zest graphviz programming eclipse soc zest

2009-08-09  Zest graph view with DOT support graphviz programming eclipse soc zest

2009-07-31  Drawing Graphviz DOT with Zest graphviz programming eclipse soc zest

2009-07-12  A Graphviz-compatible animation DSL for Zest graphviz programming eclipse soc zest

2009-06-28  Zest project type with DOT support graphviz programming eclipse soc zest

2009-06-22  Zest wizard with DOT templates eclipse graphviz soc zest

2009-06-10  Graphviz DOT export for Zest eclipse graphviz soc zest

2009-06-01  Graphviz DOT import for Zest eclipse graphviz soc zest

2009-04-22  Graphviz DOT as a DSL for Zest eclipse soc zest

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2008-10-10  Notes notes

2008-09-24  Alas, Google web

2008-06-03  Using Mylyn with Flyspray eclipse programming

2008-05-27  Using Mylyn with GForge eclipse programming

2008-05-23  Reporting research: the way of the future nlp

2008-05-21  Computational Representation of Linguistic Structures using Domain-Specific Languages report dsl nlp

2008-05-07  Tooling, not preaching, drives technology adoption eclipse programming

2008-01-12  Literate string matching programs algorithms programming

2008-01-03  Mach dem Mäh mal Ei linguistics

2007-12-31  Trees with Generics and Visitors java programming

2007-12-31  Update Site eclipse

2007-12-30  Paradigmen, Dogmen und Konzepte programming

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2007-10-30  It all rocks! mac java eclipse

2007-10-24  Sun please embrace Eclipse! eclipse

2007-10-14  Wortsinndisambiguierung durch hierarchische Kontextabstraktion (Magisterarbeit, MA thesis) report wsd nlp

2007-10-14  Magisterarbeit, WSD, Tesla linguistics nlp programming

2007-10-06  Linguistic DSLs with ANTLR release dsl fdg linguistics nlp

2007-09-26  TopCoder Algorithm Competition Eclipse Plug-in algorithms eclipse java programming

2007-09-26  Suffix trees Eclipse Plug-in algorithms eclipse graphviz

2007-07-28  Plain-text, content-driven writing authoring

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2007-02-12  Computerlinguistische Hausarbeiten (coursework) report nlp

2006-11-29  Datentypen java

2006-11-17  UML Class Diagrams with GraphViz programming

2006-11-17  UML Activity Diagrams with GraphViz programming

2006-11-14  Matz linguistics

2006-11-13  Trees studies

2006-11-12  Geography studies

2006-11-12  General-Linguistics studies

2006-11-12  Basic stuff studies

2006-11-10  Complexity algorithms

2006-11-05  Bastian Sick linguistics

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2006-05-17  Apache License programming

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2005-12-17  Tail Recursion programming

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2005-10-19  Konversation linguistics

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