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Building free and open source software for a free and open society
NRW > Ministry of Culture and Science > Hochschulbibliothekszentrum (hbz) > Open Infrastructure

since 2012 Products lobid.org | nwbib.de

Data infrastructure for libraries | regional bibliography for NRW

since 2009 Community metafacture | jsonld-java | reconciliation-api

Toolkit for metadata processing | Java implementation of JSON-LD | data matching on the web

since 2004 Sharing blog | slides | orcid

Lobid team blog | talks and workshops | journal articles

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2020-02-14  fsteeg created a branch 4-prototype in hbz/oerindex

Updated Feb 5

2020-02-14  fsteeg pushed to master in metafacture/metafacture-fix

2020-02-14  fsteeg closed an issue in metafacture/metafacture-fix

To run workflows like: "https://www.hoou.de/materials/tutorial-lernen-lernen" | open-http ... See also metafacture/metafacture-core#312

2020-02-14  fsteeg commented on issue metafacture/metafacture-fix#6

Merged, closing. See 2e20b99.

2020-02-14  fsteeg pushed to master in metafacture/metafacture-fix

2020-02-13  fsteeg commented on issue hbz/oerindex#4

We just discussed this as a fast way to a first index: Set up a program to index resources from https://www.hoou.de/sitemap.xml Hard-code co [...]

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Most recent posts on programming

2019-12-29  Programmieren für Kinder mit BASIC

Programmieren lernen ist schon immer ein superspannendes Thema für mich. Mit einem Kind kam dann konkret die Frage, wie man an Computer und [...]

2018-12-22  From RDF to JSON with JSON-LD 🖇

In a workshop at SWIB18, we recently shared our approach to making existing RDF data usable in contexts where JSON is expected. I think it’s [...]